Development of a composite material, based on optimizing internal filament composite structure, to load vector value distribution, by adequate strengths instruction, filament axes quantity and orientation.
Euler 1, composite material with internal architecture 3D structure can cause all kinds of shape needed not only plane shapes, in various industries where weight, strength and potency of the matrix are crucial.

Euler 1 Main preference is to increase the products Moment of inertia.

One of its definitions is the second moment of mass with respect to distance from an axis
 Integrating over the entire mass Q.

Moment of inertia increase in exponent 3, and the Torque Inertia Moment increase in exponent 4.
It permits creating architecture elements -car body, aircrafts, walls, roof, floor, etc. As plan shape or any space geometric structure.
Building formed by ready parts may be very safety in seismic dangerous territory as well.

Euler 1 – Characteristic  information:

Excellent thermal conductivity properties
In proposing Euler 1 Thermal conductivity          0.025 W/(m2* K).
In concrete Thermal conductivity is                  13        W/(m2*K).

Surface quality comparison.
Euler 1 achieves polish surface and don't run for extra treatment. Outer and internal surface can achieve surface grade of polish glass.

Change Color
Euler 1 surface can be colored, in any color, with no need plastering or complex painting. Color can be decided during planning stage end production results colored material.

Surface finishing
Euler 1 surface texture is close to polish glass, with high erosion and UV resistance, compose of very low weight, very high strength, and with significantly decrease of energy whether for heating or chilling.

Planned infrastructure development
During the material production, in the process procedures, needs to Internal infrastructure such as communication, plumbing, electrical and other can be Incorporated. Building assembly may be executed with 2 floors daily.

The price of the product
Fabricated and installed varies between 5 to 20 USD/m2. In comparing with conventional method this is few times lower.

Examination Report
A Test report done by the Institute of Materials Laboratory at the Polytechnic Institute, (Technion) in Haifa not included in this presentation, includes:
Testing results of 7 Euler 1 samples in 3D composite.
FEM calculations compare with examining results.
Illustration of weight/intensity ratio compared to pressure, bending and shear.
Results compression between Euler 1 to Alumni sandwich structure by MIL-STD-4018.

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